• Pay in installments

    Own a Peacemaker watch now and pay in three terms.

  • Free shipping

    Free international shipping on all orders.

  • All shipments insured

    All watches are shipped with full insurance.

  • Two year warranty

    Warranty against any factory defect for two years.

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Introducing Peacemaker

Peacemaker by pOrtahl® is designed to be your everyday watch.

Perfect for the 'one watch guy', yet it also adds something unique to any existing watch collection.

Discover Peacemaker

Our Mission

We create watches that are remarkable by their color, material and design. We do this by incorporating bespoke watch design - popularized by high-end watch customizers from around the world - into our brand DNA.

The Founding Story

  • Something you choose every day

    Our watches are tempting to put on every single morning.

  • Conversation pieces

    Our watches are conversation starters and we'll give you a story to tell.

  • Lasting lifetimes

    Our watches are engineered to last and to be passed on from father to son.

  • The best possible experience

    Our watches are designed with you in mind, from the unboxing until the end of time.

  • Make every time telling occasion special

    Our watches invoke that same feeling of excitement every single time you look at your watch.

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