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Shopping and Payments

What payment methods are provided?

We offer most of the popular payment methods, including most credit and debit card payment options, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and Shop Pay.

We also offer a payment plan to finance your watch by paying in three installments through our partner Klarna.

Available payment methods can differ per region. Contact us if you believe a payment method is missing for your region.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes. We provide a payment plan through 'Klarna - Slice it.' This allows customers to pay in three equal installments with 30 days in between. Own your Peacemaker now, pay later.

Please check if 'Klarna - Slice it.' is available in your region.

Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

No. We only offer discounts on pre-orders of new watches through our crowdfunding campaigns.

As soon our crowdfunding campaigns are closed, we no longer offer discounts on the watch when it becomes available in our online store.

This may change in the future, but in order to succeed as a young watch brand we can not offer any more discount on the rest of our stock. We hope you like our watches enough to purchase them at their true value.

When will my payment be collected?

Your payment is collected at checkout.

If you use our 'Klarna - Slice it.' payment plan, your first out of three payments is collected at checkout. The remaining two payments are collected with 30 days in between.

Do I have to pay VAT or import taxes on my purchase?

No, you do not. No additional taxes are due when you order through our online store.

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Shipping and Returns

How soon is my order dispatched?

Orders are shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

Is shipping free?

Yes. Shipping on all orders is completely free.

Is my order shipped with insurance?

Yes. All orders are shipped with insurance, using the most reliable and renowned couriers.

Can I track my order?

Yes, of course! You can track your order on your personal tracking page, provided to you the moment your order has shipped.

How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping time depends on where you live. Below are the estimated shipping times per region.

North America: ~1 to 3 business days
Europe: ~1 to 3 business days
Asia: ~2 to 3 business days
Australia: ~14 business days
Rest of the world: ~14 business days

All shipments are shipped with insurance using the most trusted international shipping companies.

What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to United States, The European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Mexico. Is your country not in the list? Chat with us if you'd like to request to add your country to the list.

You don't ship to my country. Can I still order?

Chat with us if you'd like to request us to add your country to the list and we will look into it!

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. The shipping cost of returning your item(s) is to be paid by the customer. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

How can I return my watch?

We have a 30-day return policy. To start a return, you can contact us at Please note that returns will need to be sent to the following address: Sweelinckstraat 18C, 3581RW, Utrecht, The Netherlands. If your return is accepted, you will receive instructions on how and where to send your package.

Where do you ship from?

Within the European Union we ship from our home country of The Netherlands using European couriers.

Orders to North America, South East Asia, Australia and the rest of the world are shipped from Hong Kong - home to one of the world's largest international shipping ports.

We use the world's most trusted couriers to ship safely to your destination.

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Our Watches

How do I wind my watch?

Make sure the crown is pressed all the way in and then turn the crown clockwise. You should feel some resistance and hear the sound of the movement winding.

Give the watch 30 to 40 full rotations to fully wind the watch.

Can I overwind my watch?

No. The Swiss STP1-11 movement used in the Peacemaker contains a clutch that prevents it from being overwound.

How long after I stop wearing it will my watch stop running?

The Peacemaker has 44-hours power reserve. If the watch is fully wound when you take it off, it will keep running for 44 hours before stopping. If your watch has stopped, you can fully wind it with 30 to 40 clockwise rotations.

Are pOrtahl watches water resistant?

Yes. All of our watches are water resistant. They're all suited for swimming, but not for diving.

Peacemaker is 10 ATM (100 meters) water resistant - wich makes it suited for light swimming.

Can I swim or dive with my watch?

Yes. The Peacemaker automatic watch is 10 ATM water resistant to a depth of 100 meters of static pressure.

We do not recommend diving with it, but swimming is fine.

Can I change the bracelet on my Peacemaker watch?

Yes, although we do not recommend it. Any standard 20 mm wide bracelet could fit the Peacemaker. However, our bracelet is designed to perfectly fit the overall design with custom endlinks that connect the bracelet seamlessly to the case.

Will you offer more bracelet options in the future?

Yes. We plan to add more bracelet options in the future.

Can I order extra links for my watch?

This is possible if we have links in stock. Please contact us through chat to discuss the possibilities.

What kind of lume does pOrtahl use for its watches?

For our watches we use Swiss made Super-LumiNova®, which is the best and brightest lume found on the market.

How does lume work?

Lume charges by exposure to UV-light, i.e. sunlight during the day. It then emits its charge in the absence of light.

Fully charged lume radiates for around 4 to 6 hours, but loses 60 to 80% brightness in the first half hour, as soon as light is low.

Why doesn't the lume on my watch glow as brightly as in the pictures?

All of our photos, like all watch brands do, are shot in the very best conditions, with fully charged lume and reduced light pollution.

When wearing our watches, individual experiences may vary depending on the season, the weather, wearing long sleeves or light pollution from other light sources in your vicinity.

You are able to achieve the best results on a sunny Summer day, with short sleeves and lots of time outside.

What kind of crystal does pOrtahl use for its watches?

An everyday watch should be able to take a punch. We use sapphire crystal, which offers the very best clarity and scratch resistance your money can buy. Ensuring an unblemished view of the passing of time.

What does 'FOUNDERS EDITION' mean?

If you back any of our crowdfunding projects by pre-ordering our newest watch(es) through one of our crowdfunding campaigns you receive a 'Founders Edition' watch.

This is a limited edition version of our watches. The number of Founders Edition watches are limited by the number of reward contributions made to our campaigns.

After the campaign ends, we will manufacture the exact amount of Founders Edition watches that were ordered through the campaign. We will then never manufacture another Founders Edition again. That makes Founders Edition watches exclusive and limited by nature.

What are the numbers on the bezel of the Peacemaker watch?

The inscriptions on the bezel of the Peacemaker watch are seconds and minutes indicators. The inscriptions show only the mathematical prime numbers.

Prime numbers are numbers that have only 2 factors: 1 and themselves.

Where is the Peacemaker watch manufactured?

Peacemaker’s movement is produced by Swiss Technology Production (STP) in the birthplace of modern horology, Switzerland. The watch case and bracelet are manufactured by our manufacturing partner based in Hong Kong. Materials are sourced from all over the world. Titanium is obtained from Japan, our sapphire glass from France, our lume and movement are procured from Switzerland.

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What is the meaning behind your brandname, 'pOrtahl'?

Whenever we want to know what time it is, the reason is most likely to be stress inducing.

We need to be somewhere on time, we want to know how much longer something takes, or how much longer we can enjoy an activity. This can make us feel anxious.

We imagined how we at pOrtahl would want our people to feel, when checking the time on one of our watches. We envisioned it to be the exact opposite of that anxiety.

Suddenly, you're not in a rush. Time slows down and you are able to escape your busy life through the dial for just an instant, every time you look at your pOrtahl watch.

The dial is this 'portal' we escape through. Our brand name was derived from the concept of this portal. Hence the name 'pOrtahl'.

Why is pOrtahl written with a lower case 'p' and an uppercase 'O'?

The '◯' is the very core of our brand DNA. It represents the portal through which you escape from the often immense pressure of modern day life on every time-telling occasion. The '' is therefore what we want to emphasize in our brand name. It is incorporated into our designs in many ways.

Why is your brand name placed off-center on your watches?

It may take some getting used to, but it was a conscious design choice to have the '' at the centerline of the dial, putting the rest of the brand name off-center to emphasize our brand identity. The portal to which you may escape when life is overwhelming you.

Why is your first watch called 'Peacemaker'?

We didn't set out on this journey to directly challenge or disrespect the (heritage) brands in the space. We respect them too much.

Instead, we feel that there is a space unoccupied by these old money brands that we want to claim. We want to be known for watches that are remarkable by their color, material and desing.

We sought to do things differently by rethinking classic watch design to fit today's design standards, while staying close to how mechanical watches were originally intended and without resorting to quirky outlandish watch designs.

We called our watch Peacemaker as an ode to the heritage brands. A message that says we come in peace and we can safely coexist.

TL;DR: Peacemaker was our peace offering to the watchmaking world.

How long have you worked on your first watch, before launching?

We have spent two years researching, designing and prototyping our first watch, 'Peacemaker'.

What is pOrtahl's design philosophy?

What is the pOrtahl Founders Collective?

The Founders Collective is our loyalty programme. Membership is currently attained with the purchase of your first watch, but this may change to attainment through personal invitation or curated referral in the future.

Membership has different benefits and privileges, depending on your membership tier.

More about The Founders Collective will be revealed in the future.

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What are the terms and conditions of pOrtahl's warranty?

pOrtahl offers a 2-year international warranty on our Peacemaker watch, meaning we will repair or replace your Peacemaker watch within 2 years of delivery in the case it suffers any mechanical, manufacturing or assembly defects that prevent reasonable function of the watch.

The warranty does not cover any damages resulting from misuse or that constitute as regular wear and tear. This includes, but is not limited to, scratches, dents, cracks, chips or any other cosmetic damages.

Before servicing the watch pOrtahl will conduct a research to the cause of the problem. If it is determined that the defect is the cause of impact, misuse, or opening of the caseback by any party other than pOrtahl, the warranty will be considered null and void.

Which costs are involved with returning and servicing my watch under the warranty?

The cost of shipping the watch to pOrtahl is to be paid by the customer.

Once the watch is received, the cost of servicing the watch as well as shipping the watch back to the customer are covered under the warranty at no extra cost.

How long does pOrtahl offer warranty?

Our customers are protected against factory defects for the duration of two years under our international warranty.

My watch is scratched. Can I make a claim under my warranty?

No. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, or any cosmetic damage such as scratches or marks to the finish, which under the conditions of the warranty constitute regular wear and tear.

How do I know if my warranty is still valid?

pOrtahl offers a 2-year international warranty, valid from the day you received your watch until the end of its 2-year validity.

Opening of the caseback outside of an authorized repair will render the warranty null and void. In the unlikely event that your Peacemaker suffers from a mechanical defect, please contact us immediately and we will offer you a fitting solution as long as your watch meets the terms and conditions of our warranty.

How do I request repair or replacement under my warranty?

Please contact us through email or chat and include photos and videos, as well as a detailed description of the issue. We will offer you a fitting solution as long as your watch meets the terms and conditions of our warranty.

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