Customized Hi-beat STP1-11 in pOrtahl's Peacemaker watch

STP1-11 vs NH35A Movement Comparison: Swiss Precision vs. Japanese Reliability

TL;DR: In this blog post, we compare the Swiss made STP1-11 movement by Swiss Technology Production to the Japanese NH35A by Seiko, highlighting the key differences and advantages to help you choose the perfect watch movement. Spoiler alert: the STP1-11 offers some impressive features that give it a competitive edge.


Introducing the STP1-11 and NH35A Movements

The STP1-11 is a Swiss made automatic movement by Swiss Technology Production, often found in high-quality watchews by brands like pOrtahl. The NH35A, on the other hand, is a reliable Japanese movement by Seiko that is widely used in various timepieces across the globe.


Power Reserve: STP1-11 Outshines NH35A

The STP1-11 boasts a power reserve of 44 hours, which is notably longer than the NH35A's 41-hour power reserve. This extended power reserve means your watch can keep ticking for longer periods without the need for winding or movement.


Accuracy: Precision at Its Finest

Both movements offer exceptional accuracy, but the STP1-11 stands out with a daily variation of -3s/day to +7s/day, which translates to an on-wrist performance of +/- 2 to 4 seconds. The NH35A, in comparison, has a daily variation of -20s/day to +40s/day, making the STP1-11 a more accurate choice for watch enthusiasts who value precision.


Jewels: A Subtle Difference with an Impact

The STP1-11 features 26 jewels, while the NH35A has 24 jewels. While this difference may seem minimal, the extra jewels in the STP1-11 support the top of the barrel arbor, enhancing its longevity and reducing wear on the barrel bridge. In this aspect, the STP1-11 takes the lead.


Quality & Finishing: Swiss Excellence Shines Through

Both movements showcase excellent quality and finishing, but the STP1-11 offers a few distinctive features that set it apart. All STP1-11 movements come with pearlage, a Glucydur balance wheel, and Côte de Genève finishing on the rotor, which is absent in the NH35A. These touches of Swiss craftsmanship elevate the STP1-11's overall appearance and quality.


Conclusion: The STP1-11 Takes the Crown

While both the STP1-11 and NH35A are exceptional movements in their own right, the Swiss made STP1-11 ultimately comes out on top with its longer power reserve, superior accuracy, and additional jewels for increased longevity. The exquisite finishing touches and attention to detail make the STP1-11, used in pOrtahl's Peacemaker watch is a clear winner in this showdown.

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