Swiss Technology Production's Move towards Swiss Self-reliance

Swiss Technology Production's Move towards Swiss Self-reliance

To reduce its reliance on suppliers abroad, Swiss Technology Production (STP) has declared that it will produce nearly all of its components domestically. This decision will not only provide the business more options when it comes to selecting suppliers and components, but it will also enable them to offer fresh iterations of high-quality finishes.

The business has also chosen to alter the technical aspects of its barrel in addition to this alteration (mainspring). According to the press announcement, many of their clients have indicated that they prefer more power over power reserve, and STP has chosen to move from 44H to 41H while simultaneously enhancing accuracy values in response to this feedback.

STP will be offering two versions of their movements: the "Standard" version and the "Elabore Soigne" version. The Standard version will feature a basic sandblasted finish with rhodium finishing and a decorated rotor. The Elabore Soigne version will feature full decorated bridges with rhodium, blue screws, and a decorated rotor. It's worth noting that these changes will be applied to the company's entire portfolio, with the exception of the STP2-12. The Skeleton version will only be available in the Standard version.

The company's website will be updated on January 15th 2023 with more technical information about these changes.

About the STP1-11 movement used by pOrtahl

In addition to the modifications described in the news release, the STP1-11 movement will be replaced by the STP1-21 in the company's production line. The accuracy, power, and power reserve of the STP1-21 will be drastically different from the STP1-11, which will have a power reserve of 40 hours as opposed to 44 hours.

This adjustment demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and development. End users will benefit from improved performance and greater dependability thanks to the STP1-21 movement. The power reserve is decreased to 40 hours as a result of the increase in strength and accuracy. The new style seeks to satisfy the diverse needs and tastes of their customers.

It will be interesting to see how the STP1-21 movement performs in the field and how it is received by customers.

Swiss Technology Production’s commitment to quality

Overall, this announcement by STP is an indication of the company's dedication to respond to customer needs and to continuously improve their movements. The move towards producing components locally is also a positive step towards reducing dependence on suppliers outside the country and puts them in a position to serve customers like us more reliably. It will be interesting to see how these changes will be reflected in the company's product offering in the future.


About Swiss Technology Production

Swiss Technology Production (STP) is a well-known company name in the movement manufacturing industry. The company is known for producing high-quality, Swiss-made movements that are used in a variety of timepieces. With a long history, STP has a proven track record of providing reliable and precise movements to clients in the watchmaking industry.

Throughout its history, STP has placed a premium on innovation and quality. The company has always been at the forefront of movement technology, and it is constantly expanding the capabilities of its offerings. This dedication is demonstrated by the company's determination to manufacture components in Switzerland, demonstrating a desire to maintain quality control over its output while reducing reliance on outside suppliers.

Because of its reputation for quality and innovation, STP is synonymous with dependability and accuracy in the movement manufacturing sector, earning it the respect of both clients and the watchmaking community.
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