How To Back Our Kickstarter Campaign

How To Back Our Kickstarter Campaign

Let's prepare you for our launch on Kickstarter so that you know exactly how to back our campaign and select your reward. Those who come prepared will have a higher chance of securing one of our limited Early Bird Rewards that allow you to purchase your watch for the lowest price possible.


Before you start, make sure you have a Kickstarter-account and that you are logged in.


Step 1: On our Kickstarter page, press the button 'Back this project'

Step 2: Select your reward & Shipping destination country

Select the reward you would like to pledge for, then select the country you would like your watch shipped to and continue to the next step by pressing the green button.
Tip: There's an extra discount if your purchase two watches in one pledge!


Step 3: Fill in your credit card details & pledge

You're almost there! Fill in your credit card details and press pledge to finalize your purchase. 


And that's how you do it! Once you complete these three steps you have successfully placed your pre-order. Thank you for backing our campaign!

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page here!